I teach secondary science in County Durham where I also lead a Research School, which supports teachers to use research evidence, and a Teaching School Hub, which supports teacher development.

I’m interested in evidence for its own sake. I have a more prosaic interest, too: I think evidence offers our best hope of improving education in a way that is scalable, systematic and cumulative.

I’m also rather sceptical about how effectively evidence is used in education. Indeed, I’ve suggested that perhaps we’ve reached the apple pie stage of evidence-informed practice.

I have an acute sense of fairness so I’m especially interested in overcoming inequities in education. I don’t think that schools can do this alone. Schools can make a difference, but are not the answer to all of society’s ills.

I started this blog because I’m terrible at writing; I know, auspicious. I can write to an acceptable standard – with time, a steady coffee supply and patience from everyone involved, but I want to write faster and better. Too often, I’m a perfectionist so end up procrastinating and then rushing. Perhaps more regular blogging will help me accept when good is good enough.

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