I have an acute sense of fairness

Thomas Martell

I teach secondary science in County Durham where I also lead a Research School, which supports teachers to use research evidence.

I’m interested in evidence for its own sake. However, I have a more prosaic interest, too: I think it offers our best hope of improving education in a scalable, systematic manner. Evidence can help us understand what has – and has not – worked elsewhere so that we can make better judgements about what might work here.

Thanks to my mother, and three siblings, I have an acute sense of fairness. Consequently, I’m especially interested in overcoming inequities in education, but I do not think that schools can do this alone. Schools can make a difference, but are not the answer to all of society’s ills.

I started this blog because I’m terrible at writing; I know, auspicious. I can write to an acceptable standard – with time, a steady coffee supply and patience from everyone involved, but I want to write faster and better. Too often, I’m a perfectionist so end up procrastinating and then rushing. Perhaps more regular blogging will help me accept when good is good enough.

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